Reselling Coaching Program
Reselling Coaching Program

Reselling Coaching Program

I’ll tech you how I make an extra $1k/month reselling tech

👀 Whats included?

  • Vince’s Methods he uses to make over $1700 a month profit reselling tech.
  • The methods to avoid getting scammed and how to avoid buying stolen devices on online marketplaces (Cost me well over $1000 in hard lessons)
  • How to get the BEST deals possible reselling used tech.
  • How to negotiate with people in person for even BETTER deals.
  • The tracker I use to take inventory and view profits, current costs etc (Worth over $350US)
  • Access to my personal WhatsApp number where you can ask me ANY questions you have.
  • 1-2hrs per week of 1-1 coaching with yours truely

💭 So whats the Catch?

There is no catch. I guarantee you will make your money back in 8 weeks, and if you don’t I will give you a full refund AND work with you for free until you do.

🛫 Plan

Once we have received the payment I’ll send you over a link to book our first call. I recommend you book it as soon as possible. Then we can get you started ASAP.

Pay here: